Thursday, 20 January 2011

Mobile Hut panel set to go West (epoxy) when thunderstorms pass

After 5 years in mothballs, the Mobile Hut has been unwrapped from it tarpaulin, and a complete renovation has started.

  1. Two panels to be belted back and sheathed with 6oz glass cloth and West epoxy. One is in this pic.
  2. The rear door to be replaced with a heavier one, and also glass-sheathed.
  3. The trailer repainted.
  4. Inside
    1. stripped, and repainted
    2. remodelled, with a clear runway all the way up the centre, so a bicycle will fit inside.

I had intended to live in it next week at the Linux Conference in Brisbane. However we are still getting thunderstorms here in the afternoons, and the West System epoxy needs less humidity to set properly. The delay means that the hut will not be sufficiently refinished, so it will stay home, and I guess I get to just sleep in the car instead. Mirages are definitely less than ideal for this.

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