Sunday, 27 December 2015

(From the 'Eggs in One Basket department') - Images vanish.

Posterous, Picasaweb and Vimeo are long gone, and therefore so have some images that were in some of the previous posts of this blog. If you read a post below, and the image is blank, it's because the service providing it has disappeared (or in the case of the image being in Google Photos, I might have removed it to keep below my 15GB free file limit.) So much for putting too much faith in any internet services remaining around. 

I actually did do back ups of images from most of those internet services to a local hard disk. However in about 2013, just before that disk was about to be fully backed up to another disk, I knocked it over on the desk, and it died. So unless I ever get to recover that disk, most of my files from the '80's until then have been lost.

Life goes on ...

Here is a nice calming photo of Rusty taken a few days before this post was written.