Friday, 5 December 2008

Hello Grails

Well now, this Grails development framework seems to have a lot of promise. After 15 years, and several steps backwards towards hackland, its nice to see a framework that leverages the power of Java while providing a layer that heads towards a RAD / agile development model. This product is not the ultimate though, but might be a key part of the mix. I still want to see an IDE that includes something like,

  • a smart screen painter, that is productive in ways similar to 4GL desktop IDEs of the 1990's, such as Oracle Forms, Powerbuilder or Delphi, and / or
  • a GUI and logic generator, with equivalent power to Oracle Generator for Forms and for Reports
Oh and of course they should be open-source and free.

I am about to plug Grails into Eclipse. Let's see how much more this will give. I might need to try a few IDEs yet. It also seems that there might be a few good plugins that will provide GUI painters, as web pages and screens for mobile devices. Then next I want to export or recreate a data model that I had in Oracle Designer2000 into Grails as a domain model. So much to do ... so little time.