Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Wheels in danger of falling off the hub!

(As 'borrowed' :-) from the article with a very similar name at a soon to be shelved website. (Cut 'n paste is your friend :-) ))

In a shock announcement that reverberated around the planet today, David Tangye, CEO of the imminently defunct Systemeta Pty Ltd, parent company of the Systemeta Business Hub, announced; "Bloody hell, business is slow today. We might as well shut up shop and head off down to the beach ... again." Which was an odd thing to suggest, because he then wandered off over to the nearby Gold Coast showgrounds racetrack to join the 2009 Interdominion Carnival 'Breakfast with the Stars' and get into a few photo-opportunities with Auckland Reactor.

Industry pundits are kept guessing, but it appears that the Systemeta Business Hub is headed very quickly down a track that leads to an enormous brick wall. "The fallout for this could be catastrophic. It could get very ugly indeed." one expert analyst was reported as suggesting. It is thought that the subscription for the Hub's domain name is due in early April, and for the hosting service in early May, and some analysts doubt that Tangye will be interested in pursuing this business direction at this time. Tangye was quoted as declaring "I am not really interested in pursuing this business direction at this time. Since the main sponsors have taken it upon themselves to up-sticks and swan off to Europe, its a question of needing to secure a replacement smartly or call it a day for now at least as far as the Hub is concerned." It is unsure whether this is a tactical marketing move to foil competition, or a genuine change in strategic direction. Opinion seems mixed. Certainly the entire environment is thought to be captured offsite, and is likely to be recoverable in a similar guise with minimal effort in the future, should it be worthwhile to do so when global market conditions change.

Whatever the outcome, most agree that anything could happen where Tangye gets involved. At the time of compiling this report he was unavailable for further comment. "I am not available for further comment." he reportedly said. He then commented that the Hub had served a useful purpose for the past 12 months, and when he found out what it was, he would make the information available to the public for a seven digit fee.

Update: 9/4/9. As forshadowed above, an order to "nuke the hub" was released recently. Japan insisted that strategic warfare planning was involved, but the statements deny this and apparently insist that this was part of a program to refine and improve communications although paradoxically no clear and unambiguous statement was actually released.