Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Now podcasting: Audio blogging

For the record, I am now set up to broadcast in any of three formats:

  1. Text and pictures: right here. Some of these are also indexed on my base website.
  2. Moving pictures: eg captured via webcam, or computer desktop capture: posted to Youtube and indexed on my base website.
  3. Audio only: posted and indexed on another page of my base website.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Police Look To Hack Citizens Home PC's

This probably affects only PCs running Microsoft Windows. This is yet another good reason to run Linux (or Mac?), so YOU are master of your PC, rather than Microsoft, virus writers or the police.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Christmas New Year stuff #2

More stuff that has kept me busy over Christmas. In this case a client site that I had performed some consulting at and continue to support systems for had trouble with a new hotspot. In summary, I arranged to take over provision of this facility. The new hotspot was installed after three or four days investigation of the technology, assembly of hardware, software and support services, and configuration of the hotspot for this location.
This service is now added as an offering under the umbrella of the Systemeta Business Hub, and will be especially targetted at the tourism industry in Queensland.

Christmas New Year stuff #1

I try to make Christmas a fairly interesting time for me. I remember feasting and saying hullo to plonk back in Christmas 1970-something, then spending the night returning it to the environment. Since then, I have usually eaten little heavy and drunk nothing, especially during the heat of December, and felt a LOT better for it. Besides, for several years, there was an offshore race to prepare for on Boxing Day, or relocation and travel some years. Some years I have been alone, though lately this involved being very much in touch with people via the internet. Many years I had some sort of project on the go. This year I have two. Here is the start of one: repainting the first of three cars that are on my todo list. This pic was taken on the second day of work. Today, after a couple more days of filling sanding and spraying, she is ready for the final coat. Tomorrow I hope to receive a filter (Ebay: $26) to add to my compressor (Ebay $25), so I can apply a good final coat on Tuesday.