Thursday, 5 June 2008

I mark Kevin Rudd's performance

Our new leader declared that he would be repeatedly marking himself and his government's performance. Nice sentiment Kevin. I think its the least we can do to help him out and do the same.

This guy has generally impressed me here and there, in a token sort of way mind you:

  1. He ratified Kyoto. At least that was some sort of leadership step forward, even if somewhat token, and qualified by declaring that Australia's main policy would wait until a certain boffin's report was released. However when the said boffins report was released he said he would file it for inclusions with other files and reports. Sweet sidestep there Kev.
  2. He had the strength to say 'Sorry' a few months ago, when arguably there was no political necessity nor gain to make of it.
  3. Now he is taking a leadership role in pushing Australia towards new types of vehicle engine technology, as per his announcement in parliament. I just hope this announcement will amount to more than that commission and subsequent filing of another boffin's report. Personally I want to see a Holden uranium powered ute come out of this initiative, or I am going to feel quite let down.
Anyway kudos for Kevin for at least trying to show some sort of leadership on a couple of issues. Can you imagine that wasted space PM that we had before ( what's his name again, either Robert Menzies II or was it George Bush III?) taking those sort of initiatives.