Monday, 15 February 2010

The end of an era of printing

My 2nd ever printer, a faithful old HP Deskjet Plus, bought late 1980's, is finally sent to printer heaven, aka the Gold Coast Suntown tip. Since I have not used a printer for several years now, preferring to leave trees where they are, in the ground, growing, I finally got around to clearing this old workhorse out from under a bed. Its ink cartridges are too expensive to buy, at $50 each, or $30 for refills, when I might then at best print 10 pages per year before they would dry up. Better to get printing done at Officeworks if necessary. Mostly however, documents are exported as .PDF files and emailed for people to read using Acrobat, xpdf or a browser-embedded whatever. Farewell 20th century. Farewell printer.

The guy at the tip gate said to chuck it in the landfill. The council has no recycling facility for electronics hardware on the Gold Coast. I left it where metals get put for recycling. Hopefully one day plastics and electronics hardware will be recycled from there too.

I was down at Gecko today. Every time we spoke of an event, the nice old lady there tried to foist another page of A4 or a brochure related to it onto me. People have to stop consuming forests every time they go to communicate something!

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Unknown said...

I remember that printer :( wish I could have had it , I can't believe it still worked !